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Band Rhythm Pulze

‘Band Rhythm Pulze’ is an innovative and unique percussion band of India.

Rhythm Pulze Academy

Rhythm Pulze Academy is the training and nurturing place of budding musical talent.

Percussion Awareness

Band RP believes in sharing its knowledge of music and percussion with the world.

About Rhythm Pulze

Rhythm Pulze academy, one of the oldest in Ahmedabad, is an institute set up in 2003 by Akul Raval for training and nurturing the students in various melody and rhythm instruments. With percussion instruments like bongo, bongo, thumba, djembe, cajon, darbuka etc., being the heart of the academy, students are also taught instruments like the guitar, keyboard, drums, octapad. Starting with the age of six, the institute is open for all age groups and has till now imparted training to more than 10,000 students.

Rhythm Pulze is a group of juvenile and dynamic musicians lead by Akul Raval, based in Ahmedabad(Gujarat). It plays contemporary and conventional pop, rock and a variety of percussion instruments, both brought in across the borders and manufactured in house.

By means of diverse instruments and innivations, creativity is at its best here! “Jugalbandis” between dissimilar percussion instrument like Monster Tubelium, Floor Cajon, Pipe Drums, Udu etc. and traditional instruments like Djembe, Darbuka, Tumba, Congo, Electric Drums and other world percussions are composed to entertain the youth as well as the young at heart. Self composed range of fusion music is one of the most promoted curves among the youth which allows Rhythm Pulze to stand out wot difference during live-shows.

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India's best drum circle Taal Inc has visited Rhythm Pulze Institute to showcase advance techniques of playing djembe.

Akul Raval has received an Award for Trend Setter Musician from Gujarat Innovation Society for innovating 78 instruments.

Rhythm Pulze has performed at Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2015 for Gujarat Innovation Society

Rhythm Pulze 13th annual show on 24th April, 2016 at Prakash

Rhythm Pulze RD Burman show at Rajpath club on 30th April, 2016.

Rhythm Pulze Girls band performed for "Sur Prabhat" at Sabarmati riverfront.

Rhythm Pulze band performed at GRTS AC Bus Terminus inauguration ceremony with 80 performers.


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