Rhythm Pulze Academy

Rhythm Pulze academy, one of the oldest in Ahmedabad, is an institute set up in 2003 by Akul Raval for training and nurturing the students in various melody and rhythm instruments. With percussion instruments like congo, bongo, thumba, djembe, cajon, darbuka etc., being the heart of the academy, students are also taught instruments like the guitar, keyboard, drums, octapad. Starting with the age of six, the institute is open for all age groups and has till now imparted training to more than 10,000 students.

The institute’s practical approach to pedagogy has helped the students in choosing music as their career and many of them today have established themselves as professional musicians, some have started their own band, while others have established music studios.

The academy has not only helped him find and train students with equal interest and passion in music, but also helped him find a Band which now is known famously as The Rhythm Pulze Band. The academy not only provides a stage for all the aspiring musicians but also pushes them to dream bigger.